Shipping and delivery


  • mukemel.com delivers products to customers from Istanbul to Everywhere on Earth in cooperation with several international companies such as UPS, ARAMEX, DHL
  • When the customers confirm their orders- – mukemel.com is responsible for paying the freight fees from Turkey to the addresses that the customers had declared.
  • Unlike the shipping fees, mukemel.com is not responsible for any extra: customs duties, VAT or any other taxes applied in some countries as “some EU countries, Canada, “. Therefore, we advise our customers to inquire about their local laws before confirming their orders. Any process of return or damage to the products by local authorities as a result of non-payment of customs duties by the customer, is the responsibility of the customer only.
  • mukemel.com is committed -through the agreement signed with shipping companies- to deliver the shipment to the address that the customer submitted, that includes visiting the submitted address twice. 
  • In some cases, some customers submit wrong or incomplete addresses or do not receive the shipment, in this case additional charges fees might occurs and it will be add on the customer.
  • If the customer did not receive the shipment because of: wrong or incomplete address, not being at home continuously, refusing to receive the shipment with no reason, and after the second visit to the customer address. The shipment will be transferred to the nearest branch of the shipping company until the customer receives him/her self, and in the absence of receiving the shipment will be destroyed or returned without any financial responsibility for mukemel.com

Delivery Timing:

  • After an order is confirmed, the shipment is prepared directly by the mukemel.com, then delivered to the shipping company in 3 business days -Turkey Time-.
  • Orders on Saturday or Sunday are delivered to the shipping in the next 3 business days -Turkey Time- according to the conditions of the shipping schedule.
  • Orders on National Holidays of Turkey are delivered the next 3 business day to the shipping company during the work hours -Turkey Time.
  • After a shipment is received by the shipping company, it arrives at the final destination according to shipment company schedules.
  • In some cases shipments are delayed due to logistical reasons “weather conditions, wrong addresses, etc.” or for official reasons “verification by the security or customs authorities, etc.” or for any other emergency reasons. In all such exceptional cases, mukemel.com have no responsibility for the delay.

Packaging And Damaged packages :

  • Mukemel.com follows the highest safety standards when preparing the packaging and packing the products before shipping them, and it doubles packaging “around the inner and outer surfs of the product ” with preservative packaging materials.
  • In some cases, due to misbehavior by some shipping or clearance workers, some packages are damaged, mukemel.com follows up on each case separately

and sends complaints on behalf of customers to the carrier,


If you paid the insurance fees, mukemel.com is responsible for compensating any damaged shipment due to transportation operations the total amount will be refunded to your wallet. NOTE: you should write us through customer.support@mukemel.com with the damaged product details and pictures, during the first 2 days of receiving the shipment. If not so and period was passed, we cannot do anything for you.


If you did not pay the insurance fees: mukemel.com is not responsible for compensating any damaged shipment due to transportation operations

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