About Us

Mukemel (Mu·Ka·Mel); the definition of complete.

Your home defines you; that is why MÜKEMEL is your destination for luxury lifestyle and unique pieces hand made just for you. We transform every home into a reflection of who you are!

Born in 2018, Mukemel combines perfection, art, and creativity in one package.

Our aim is to provide an unforgettable experience for our customers, that is why you choose,

and we create art exclusively for you.

We are now available online almost Worldwide.


Who we are


When the Interior and Architect combine their talents and artistic views, perfection is what they create. With their university degrees and educational backgrounds from studying in Dubai to living in Istanbul, the brothers managed to combine innovation with history. Which lead to the idea of creating unique pieces that reflects and expresses the personality of each person in the warmest and closest place to them, their home

What makes a place your home?

As the Bawadkje brothers, we believe that Mukemel adds an essential touch to any place you call home. This is because your interior space says a lot about your state of mind, personality, thoughts, and beliefs. So, you draw your vision of home, and we will deliver it to you.


our Idea

Let’s Go Back in Time When MÜKEMEL Was Just A Written Down Idea in The Minds Of Two Designers,

Buckle Up! and Let’s Go A Few Years Back Down in Memory Lane Specifically in Dubai, We are Two Brothers One Studied Interior Design and The Other Studied Architecture.

We Always Wanted To Combine These Two Concepts ‘Traditional Art’ and ‘Evolutionary technology’ To Create A Product Capable Of Speaking To Our Customers and Helping Them Express Themselves Using Art With A Modern Twist To It.

This Thinking Process Continued Till We settled in Turkiye and There is Where Our Ideas Flooded Due To The Rotted Beauty and History Of This Country.

We Were Able To Come Up With Creative Ways To Apply These Two Ideas and Created A Unique Line Of Luxurious Decorations and Some Functional Pieces So We Can Be A Part Of Your Everyday Life.

We Believe in The Beneficial Psychological Effects Art Can Offer To You and We Made Sure Our Customers Can Relate To Us Worldwide We’ve Put Into Consideration All Of The Different Beliefs and Cultures So You Can Find What Really Suits Your Taste.

Our Goal

We are Keen To Be Connected Worldwide With Our Customers and Provide The Best Services. We Want To Clarify The Positive Impact Of Our Product It’s Not About Its Looks It is More Than That It’s What It Holds Of Meanings and Psychological Effects and Creates A Better Atmosphere For You and Leave A Print in Our Costumer’s Life. It’s Not Just A Job To Us, It’s A World. We Are Trying To Accomplish A Real Utopia With Our Customers and Share Comfort Through The Colors and The Imagination Of Our Designs.

Our Color scheme

Every Little Detail is Taken Care Of With MÜKEMEL We Picked Our Color Scheme To Represent Our Identity and To Symbolize A Deep Message. 

We Hold For Our Customers Through Our Products.

Dusky Rose Symbolizes Love, Affection, Tranquility, and Timeless Elegance.

Cherry Black Symbolizes Power, Nobility, Luxury, Wisdom, and Spirituality.

Madder Red Symbolizes Thoughtful Action, Sophistication, Vigor, Seriousness, Responsibility Creativity, Warmth.

Natural String Symbolizes Warmth, Comfort, and Security.

Natural Linen Symbolizes Neutral, Calm, and Relaxation.

Nothing Here is A Coincidence It’s All Measured To Satisfy Our Customers and Built An Unbreakable Bond With Our Community To Enjoy The Perks Of Our Products.  

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